LAHS Green Team Hosted Events

Bring change to the community.

Upcoming Events


Los High School's Green Team is collaborating with Green Mouse Recycling to host an e-waste collection drive that is scheduled for Saturday, November 2nd, from 9am to 2pm, at 201 Almond Ave., Los Altos. Accepted items include monitors, computers, laptops, cell phones, telecom equipment, TV wires/cables, PC boards, scrap metal/aluminum, computer mice, keyboards, printers, toner and ink cartridges, stereo equipment, and DVD/CD/MP3 players. Smoke detectors, fluorescent lights, and alkaline batteries are not permitted. The event will include a bake sale and the proceeds will benefit LAHS Green Team. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Past Events

Los Altos Hacks III

Los Altos Hacks is a hackathon organized completely independently by Los Altos High School students. This year, the LAHS Green Team wanted to explore technological alternatives in solving environmental issues. In order to provide student hackers with an incentive to produce applications regarding environmentalism, the LAHS Green Team sponsored a "best environmental hack" category prize. More than 10 teams applied for the prize and many interesting solutions were presented in the hackathon.

Students for Green High Schools 2018

Students for Green High Schools is a conference in which students across the Bay Area gather together to share their experiences with spreading environmental awareness and bringing change to their communities. This year, the conference was hosted at Googleplex, with over 30 attendees, many with a representative role in their respective clubs.

LAHS National Drive Electric Week 2017 (September 15, 2017)

The Los Altos High School Green Team hosted an electrical vehicle display in honour of the National Drive Electric Week of 2017. Students were given the opportunity to interact with electric vehicles and answer trivia questions to earn small prizes.

LAHS Earth Week 2017 (April 17-22, 2017)

In appreciation of international Earth Day, the LAHS Green Team hosted an entire week of fun activities related to good environmental behavior. Events such as the "March for Science" and creek clean-up allowed students to contribute to the community, as well as spread awareness to the student body about the importance of environmental issues.

LAHS Water Week 2015 (March 9-13, 2015)

In attempt to motivate LAHS students to save water, the LAHS Green Team gave out prizes such as gift cards and water bottles to people who used different methods of saving water. Activities were also hosted on campus (in the quad), with prizes for participants.

LAHS Earth Week 2018 (April 16-20, 2018)

To celebrate Earth Day which happened consequently on Sunday, the LAHS Green Team presented Los Altos High School with a week of fun activities. Students participated in a Kahoot competition with funny environmental trivias, played with the blender bikes to get wholesome smoothies, and even got free succulents by answering a few questions. The event was very interactive and the LAHS Green Team was able to popularize/promote green tips to our student population to create a greener day for all of us!

Sponsors and Partners

Aqua Cleaners Inc.

Aqua Cleaners Inc. is an apparel care company which strives to promote environmentalism by deploying environmentally-friendly cleaning and laundry technologies. Their website can be found here, and more sponsorship details can be found in this flyer.