50% solar powered campus

By utilizing our parking lot area, we have successfully
installed 34,000 square feet of solar panels, which has generated over
393,000 kWh of electricity since its installation on Earth Day 2011

First High School District to combine intelligent energy storage and EV Charging

In collaboration with Green Charge Networks based in Santa Clara, the MVLA School District successfully implemented an energy storage system capable of reducing peak demand charges, which compensates for about 50% of the electric bill, saving $86,000 annually. Furthermore, by coupling this energy storage system with EV charging stations, our school district can reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly.


We are a zero-waste campus. That's right, we do not have any landfill trash bins, and our students are responsible for sorting their own trash and disposing them accordingly.


The recycle bins on our campus are labeled properly, some with a distinct blue color so students can recognize them easily.


In addition to having regular compost bins around campus, we have a huge compost bin which we move around campus to collect compost waste from students. Not only does this encourage composting more assertively, the huge compost bin, which is capable of rotating its contents, can convert compost waste to natural fertilizers directly.

Our Green Campus

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